In the scorching heat of our country, you couldn’t possibly imagine a day without your trusty air conditioner. It works day in and day out to ensure the air around you is comfortable and at an optimal temperature. However, as with any regularly used machine, your air conditioner cleaning requires periodic maintenance to ensure it functions effectively and efficiently. After all, even machines deserve some self-care once in a while.

The Benefits of Regular AC Maintenance

Be Energy Efficient!

When there are blockages or leaks in your AC’s internal system, it ends up using more energy. Once cleared up, smoother and cooler airflow will commence thus burning less energy and having a positive environmental impact. Using less energy also equals lower utility bills so winners all around.

Another lesser-known issue with air conditioners that have not been serviced is leaking refrigerant. Refrigerant is the liquid compound used by air conditioners to absorb heat and produce cool air. The leakage of this liquid can release harmful greenhouse gases which contribute to global warming.

Maintaining your appliance and preventing such leaks may seem like a small effort towards saving the environment but even the smallest of steps taken in reducing the amount of carbon dioxide released into the atmosphere can have a big impact in the long run. Collectively, we can take one step closer towards a greener earth.

Be Good to Yourself

No matter where your air conditioner is installed, be it home or office, you want to ensure that the air around you is clean and healthy. Over time, the vents and fittings can become clogged with dust particles, dirt and various airborne bacteria.

This can be damaging to our bodies, particularly to people with pre-existing health conditions such as asthma or dust allergies. These contaminants being blown around the room can even lead to a variety of respiratory infections over time. The same dust and bacteria can also emit strong odors if left untreated for too long. It is therefore recommended that the vents are professionally cleaned regularly to leave you with unpolluted, cool air all year round.

Be Resourceful

As with all appliances, machines left untreated and un-serviced for too long will eventually lead to costly and unnecessary part replacements. This tedious process and expense can easily be avoided by taking care of the one you already have. Get your air conditioner serviced and increase its longevity by years. We’re only a phone call away!

Be Informed

So how does it all work? Essentially, your air conditioner uses what are called evaporator coils and condenser coils to conduct a process which takes up heat from the indoor unit and transfers it to the outdoor unit. This heat transfer process is hindered when there is dirt or dust built up on either of the coils and thus increases your unit’s energy consumption.

It is also important to clean your air filters and prevent them from becoming blocked or clogged. Reusable filters can be cleaned while disposable ones will need to be periodically replaced. Clogged filters will block the flow of air and result in your unit working overtime which in turn will raise energy consumption.  You can reduce energy consumption anywhere between 5-25% by cleaning your air filters. If that’s not reason enough, we don’t know what is! 

The condensation drains are another part of your air conditioner which can become clogged. Blockage can occur from a variety of factors such as the quality of the drain, wasps, and other insects, the lifespan of the system or how it was installed. Condensation drains help control the room’s humidity and can damage walls and carpets of your home if they become blocked.

The Maintenance Process

Considering the above information, you will be best served by having your air conditioner serviced and maintained by our professionally trained technicians.  Here at Eagle Property Air Conditioning, we do a thorough inspection of each and every part of your system to ensure nothing is missed.

Our process includes everything from duct and blade cleaning, monitoring of refrigerant and thermostat, and maintenance of parts and seals. During the course of the service, our technicians will always notify you of any equipment which may be worn down or need repair or replacement. Preventative measures such as these eliminate the need for emergency calls and unnecessary damage. Providing your air conditioner with regular maintenance will help it maintain up to 96% of its original efficiency.

You can also do your part by ensuring that the area around your outdoor unit is clear of dirt, foliage, and debris. It is also recommended that your air vents are open and free from obstruction. Oftentimes, we come across homes that have them hidden behind plants or paintings and this causes a build-up of pressure within the ventilation system. The build-up then leads to air leaks, system breakdowns, or even irreparable damage.

Last but not least, Be Smart! Call us today and get your air conditioner working to the highest standard.

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