2021 Air Conditioner Buying Guide | Review & Compare

2021 Air Conditioner Buying Guide | Review & Compare


A split system is designed to cool or heat one area or room of the home or office and comes in various KW capacities to suit the size of the area in consideration.   It consists of one indoor head and one outdoor condenser.  The indoor unit has the capacity to deflect air up and down or side to side with a handheld remote to control your cooling or heating needs.


A ducted system is designed to heat or cool the entire house.  Depending on the size of the house, ducted systems come in various KW capacities ranging from 7.1kw to 25kw.  The air travels through fireproof ducting either in the roof space or under the house, these are connected to air supply grills in each room.  A ducted system can also be zoned, meaning, to separate the home into sections if all the rooms do not need to be on at the same time. 


A multi-split system comprises one outdoor unit with multiple indoor heads, depending on the number of rooms which require heating or cooling.  The advantage of this system is that only one outdoor unit is needed to operate the multiple heads. 


In order to prolong the life of your air conditioning system and to ensure optimum results for cooling or heating, whether it is a split, ducted, multi-unit, or cassette, it is recommended that the unit is serviced at least once a year.

A system that is not properly maintained is likely to result in costly repairs, health issues, high power consumption, and a reduced life cycle of the system.

Subject to the age of the system and the availability of spare parts, we can service most well-known brands.

It is also beneficial to have a specific site tailored maintenance program to prevent breakdowns which ultimately reduces costs. Please call us to discuss our specific programs or book a service call.

Inverter Technology

This Technology applies to all types of air conditioning systems i.e. splits, ducted, multi split, cassette.

Inverter technology ensures superior performance including optimum control of operation frequency.  Optimum power is applied in all heating/cooling and maximum comfort is achieved while reducing energy consumption.

Installation of your air conditioning system

A fully qualified and licensed Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Technician has extensive knowledge and experience in recommending an air conditioning system that is suitable for the area needing cooling/heating.  Things to consider when deciding what type of system and the capacity of the air conditioning unit are: the size of the area, if it is an open plan room if there are many windows or walls if there is sufficient roof space.  All ducting must be fire-rated. 

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